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Tiffany S. May

| born and bred Texan | Quirky & Introverted | Taking action on Dreams|

Lover of Coffee, Wine, Cheese and trips around the world, with a good book!

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Bonjour, Hola and Howdy,

My name is Tiffany and since I was a very young girl (now in my mid 40s) I have had the unyielding desire to travel, to explore, and to share my most favorite moments.

In the 80’s as a burgeoning moody teenager I often sought out any travel style episodes I could find on TV, my favorite during that era was watching “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” with host Robin Leach. I just knew I wanted to see and experience everything wonderful, cool, trendy, adventurous and quirky.

While the opportunities to jet off to places unknown were very limited as I grew into an adult, I worked within the travel industry on a corporate level, back in the 90’s my very first job was with an airline, didn’t pay much  but one of the perks was taking off in the morning on a free pass just to fly up to Boston for lunch and return  back in time for work.  Then I worked my way into full-service travel agencies up to actually owning my own for a time period.  And back then if you sold enough air travel, you could be awarded free airline tickets.  So I began nourishing my travel dream and when those lovely perks found their way to me, I hopped on a flight to London, Ireland, Aruba, and all points in between.  And when I could not plan for my trip I would plan others and for my own salve to the soul I  would turn to films and books to capture those feelings I so longed for. Reading is a wonderful way to explore from the comfort of your home, it also increases the desire to be in action and see and create new feelings, your own authentic moments. Oh! and the movies I have watched only increases those desires to make my own show and hop off my sofa and book a ticket to whatever was teasing me to come visit.

With all these dreams slowly fermenting within my soul I have found myself on a precipice of going back down the hill and work in a stuffy office for someone else or take the ‘leap’ and have faith I will land softly into those rolling hills I have in my dreams.  Growing your own business has its challenges and some absurd moments of ‘get me back to the office’ thoughts, however as in most things in life, if you persist and push through the light does shine at the end of the tunnel.

So this website will be in constant growth.  I will share with you my products I absolutely love and yes, some I do make a profit on and others I do, simply because I love them.

As you saw above I am no young chicken but not near enough ready for the grave either, hey! I am a Gen X kid right in the middle of my life.  So my writing styles will come through the eyes, heart and mind of a saucy dry humored Texas gal, so some humor you may be scratching your head and that is ok, I do the same too! My writings will be based from the mind of an older traveler, who happens to be a female, single and a quirky sense of humor that also delves into thinking and exploring feelings. Who is not afraid to show the underbelly of her vulnerabilities and although currently traveling solo, seeks out authentic travels with like minded travelers who are not afraid to explore, try new things and most of all non-judgmental (we judge to freely and easily nowadays, too much political correctness has washed out creativity in my opinion). I say this as we have all travelled with that one person who must have control and do things their way, the ones who won’t compromise who are not open to things that may make them uncomfortable to see what is on the other side. We all want that buddy that is just as excited to do the similar things, but also self aware when downtime is needed, to not pick at the little annoyances but rather laugh at the absurdity of the situation. I have a friend who traveled like this and that buddy was the best and whom I have created a template for myself when seeking out others to join.

I also will host favorites in books, recipes, wines and anything else that just tastes too good not to share!

I hope you will join me.

I have had the wonderful opportunties to visit a few locations in my life by either living there or spending time on day trips to full out vacations, below is my growing list:

Vietnam | Phu Quoc, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), MeKong Delta,  Ben Tre |
Europe | Ireland, London, Paris, Italy, Croatia, Germany |
Islands and Oceans | Caribbean, St. Marten, St. Thomas, Nassau |
U.S.A | Texas (Dallas, Austin, Houston), Louisiana (New Orleans), Washington (Seattle and surrounding area), New York, California (San Francisco, Healdsburg, Bodega Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego), Las Vegas, Arkansa, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico (Albuquerque, Ruidoso, Santa Fe, Mesilla, Las Cruces), Arizona, Florida (Key West, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale,Orlando)

Why name this Constantly Craving Adventures? Well one of my favorite songs I LOVE to sing-a-long to is K.D.Lang’s Constant Craving, it was easy and I felt feelings so powerful of a life I wanted but have not yet achieved and that is traveling, sharing and speaking on what our world has to offer.  So this is a very long awaited dream that I have neglected due to lack of spirit and belief in myself to do what I most wanted.  It is time to pursue and create this reality.

What is Constantly Craving Adventures about? This website is built for many facets of travel centric interests.  I work with other travel genre industries to spread the word on trending locations as well as repeated locations one should not miss.  In the next few years my travel will have more of a dedication as I close in on starting my own tour company.  Traveling with a Purpose and leaving your family with a legacy that can’t be taken away. This website will share personal and yes, embarrassing stories, so you know you are not only goof out there traversing this world as well as pragmatic observations on how our world is changing and how it affects all of us and what our imprint is to be when we seek out our world outside of our own hometown or perhaps about women entering their mid-life and wanting to explore the world alone or with someone.

As a photographer, I am keen to capture unrehearsed moments of my guests as well as a few fun rehearsed photos to share on your own Social Media sites and as a social media ambassador, I am happy to work with you to help manage your posts during the trip.

I am of the school of thought that you must always try to  stay authentic.

Within these pages some thoughts will focus on a few of these subjects,  for example people in areas not often observed enough, to bring a voice.  To explore and discuss volunteerism in helping others at the same time gaining an enriched experience.  Finding the obscure and quirky side of life during travels.  Explore the feelings and vulnerability of being single, middle aged and introverted while living in an extroverted life.